Your web platform is well optimized, well referenced on Google, but is it effective? The conversion rate evaluates the number of visitors you convert to customers on your website.

There are techniques and tricks that will increase your conversion rate.

Let us recall in more details what a conversion rate might be. It is simply the expected action of a visitor on a website. The expected action from the visitor may be to enter his contact information, buy, register for an event, …

The conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of “conversions” by the number of visitors over a given period. An average of 3% is a reasonable goal you can set.


  • Optimize your bounce rate


Nearly half of the visitors will leave a website if the home page is not displayed in less than 3 seconds.

You can use tools such as Google Analytics to measure this rate. If it is too high, optimize your website. Optimize the resolution of your photos or videos, remove those that do not have a specific goal, and use a professional to optimize your website. Use innovative tools to captivate your visitors, and keep them on your site. An explanatory video can describe your business, services and solutions, and is much more effective than text to keep visitors’ attention.


2) Recommendations and opinions

If your customers, partners, suppliers trust you and give you a good reputation, do most of it! The majority of visitors are sensitive to the recommendations of a brand or product. Highlight the opinions and recommendations of your partners and customers. Publish testimonials, videos of your customers, the number of likes of your social network pages, shares, etc. Integrating social networks is therefore essential. Create your professional ambassadorial pages for your brand / product, and build a community that will put your prospects in confidence.


3) Create a good contact form

The form for making contact, for a quote request, or a callback request is the final step that converts a visitor.

There are some golden rules that convert your visitor without abandoning your site.

Follow these rules to get an optimized form:

  • Integrate the form on your website, do not direct your visitor to another url
  • Ask for the minimum amount of information you need to get back in touch with the visitor (A phone number, an email and a name are sufficient)
  • Work its design in the same way as the other pages on the site.


4) Call To Action

Help your visitors take action, guide them to fulfill the action you expect from them.

How? By integrating call-to-action visual buttons. Do not hesitate to test them under different names, different places and compare the results.


They have to be visible, and positioned in a thoughtful way. For example, on a landing page, you position your animated explanatory video and just beside it, there will be your call to action button.


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Young and innovative companies sometimes struggle to stand out. They do not have the budget to compete with corporate communications campaigns. But rest assured, there are many techniques that allow start-ups to stand out and get out of the shadows. Blogs, social networks, and eMailing campaign. These three media can largely benefit from a motion design animation presentation of your business. Here are the 3 web communication tips that will help your startup stand out :

Having a Blog

And yes, it requires a little time and writing but integrating a blog to your website and publishing articles regularly is the most effective web-marketing strategy. Why’s that? Simply because publishing articles regularly can bring 75% of additional leads. Be careful, however, to define the themes of the blog post to target your audience. Beyond the regularity of publication, it is also important to focus on the relevance of the content. The aim is to direct each publication to your activity. This requires careful use of relevant keywords. A good blog post will be considered an educational publication that will share your expertise, which will generate reactions and interactions via feedback comments.

An additional reason to manage a blog is that your SEO on Google will improve and you will gain considerable positioning.

Social networks

Social networks are an important medium for web-marketing. These are popular sites that allow free advertising and create a natural network. There are as many communication strategies as there are social networks. Each network is specific and your communication goals can direct you to one or the other.

The privileged one is Facebook and is essential to create a community and make oneself known on start-ups groups like My French Start-up for example. Each network has a very advanced and sometimes complex strategy. Note that some large companies have become known through networks such as Instagram, Youtube Snapchat or Google+.


Mailing campaigns can be scary and are now associated with Spams. But when used wisely, a mailing campaign is very effective. There are rules to follow and methods that will allow you to convert contacts much more efficiently than you thought.

First of all, you have to target the recipients of your campaign and personalize your message. Then use an attractive and responsive design. Mailchimp, for example, offers the creation of awesome HTML templates.

The two tricks that will make your campaign a success are:

– Retargeting on social networks to create the need

– Embed an animated presentation to your email. Research shows that emails with video included allow 278% more ROI than simple text emails.

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