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Animated Explainer Video

Companies have many tools that can improve their conversion rates. A website with aesthetic design can leave a good first impression to the visitors. And most websites also offer quality content conducive to communication with their target audience. All these tools can increase the conversion rate and the numbers just doesn’t stop climbing with the use of promotional videos! Find out how animated videos improve your conversion rates!

What is an animated explainer video?
Companies are starting to hire companies specialized in animated video to help them create explainer videos. These are short videos that tell the story of the company. A corporate video production team can use digital design, whiteboard technology or animated modeling to get the message out to the target audience.
And often, adding a video to the homepage of its website improves the conversion rate. Approximately one-third of the visitors click on the video and half of them watch it until the end.

Why and how are animated videos effective?
Studies have estimated that the average attention span of a visitor is about 8 seconds. Which means that companies have 8 seconds to capture the attention of visitors to their website. They have an interest in ensuring that the content of their site encourages visitors to engage in this very short period of time.
Video animation can help them capture the attention of their visitors and teach them more about the company at the same time. A well-produced promotional video can capture the attention of a visitor 8 seconds or more. According to the studies conducted, an explainer video is viewed entirety if it is less than three minutes long.

How do animated videos convey the brand’s message?
A promotional video is the best way to convey the brand’s message. But be careful to do it correctly! An animated explainer video needs good graphics, quality texts and a well-written script to communicate clearly with the target.
A clear story can allow visitors to identify with it, and that’s one of the reasons why the engagement rate is so high when using animated videos.

The marketing videos are both visual and textual. This is why they speak to everyone. And when the visual and the textual are pairs, people retain up to half of the information transmitted.
Finally, promotional videos can be easily shared with family members and friends on social networks. These are the informative and funny videos that are most shared on the internet today. Viral videos are seen by millions of people all over the world. Animated videos can only become viral if they are of high quality. An animated explainer video is the most effective and economical way to attract the attention of potential customers and to convey the message. This is why it is one of the best tools to improve the conversion rate of your website.

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Business Presentation

Have you ever visited a website that included too many texts and did not catch your attention? Perhaps it is your own website that needs to be made attractive? Have you thought about improving your business presentation?

Our attention is constantly solicited and we are overwhelmed by the information we receive from all sides. As a result, customers’ attention is shorter and shorter and they need to be seduced in the first few seconds. Studies have proved that a user decides in less than 8 seconds if he wants to stay on the website or to leave it, hence the importance of a good company presentation.

One of the solutions to increase the conversion rate is the use of an animated explanatory video

A recent study has shown that 80% of companies that do not currently use videos are likely to use them in the future. So, if you do not use animated videos to present your products, you lose customers to your competitors. Marketing videos increase the conversion rate because people do not want to read annoying texts! With an explanatory video, your customers will understand in a playful way the function of your product, they will know more about your brand and the services you offer and it is the most effective way to deliver your message!

So, if your company does not have promotional videos, you miss out on the market trend!

In the coming years, we will see a massive increase in the number of animated videos on websites and corporate videos! Be the pioneers! Videos in motion design also improve your SEO! To earn rankings on the search results page, you must have a corporate video on your website that is also linked to YouTube.

Today, attracting the attention of your customers has become the nerve of the markets war! You miss out on some customers and can even lose if you do not surf the wave of animated video explanatory!

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Motion Design

An animated motion design video has its own way of conveying your message to your target. Whatever your goal, a corporate video can be an effective and creative tool to bring a concept to life. No matter the complexity of your products or services, a promotional video is there to simplify the message delivered to your audience.
What is the best way to use motion design video? Here are some ways to use an animation video.

Use commercial video for presentations

Building a customer relationship is the most important element of the sales profession. A video in motion design can help them focus on their core business without having to search throughout their presentation. The video will serve as a simplified especially if you have a large number of products to present. Your salespeople will only have to talk to their customers and refer them to the product best suited to their needs.

Improve the engagement rate on your site with a video in motion design on the home page

Studies have shown that an animation video increases the conversion rate on a website. This means that visitors stay longer on your site, eventually register for your newsletter and even buy if your products are available online! An animated video can be used to present your business so that your potential customers know you better. This contributes to the creation of a strong company-customer relationship.

Use a video in motion design for your brand positioning

Do not hesitate to call upon an agency specialized in the creation of animated videos especially if you want to build the heart of your business and its identity. It will be possible to create a story that is entertaining enough to make people want to share it on social networks.

This is especially true if you are a brand new and would like to introduce yourself to your prospects. This can be done in storytelling format, as if you were talking to someone who needed your services. For example, you can ask for an explanatory video with as background the story of Bob looking for a grooming service for his dog. The goal is to keep the playful and engaging side of the animation video.

Use an explanatory video to facilitate the integration of your new employees

When you hire new employees, you certainly have an integration program. A corporate video can be a good way to introduce your business to new staff in an original way. This way, you can focus on the efficiency of your sector.
These just a few examples among several others of how to use promotional video! It’s up to you to see what benefits your business could benefit from using a corporate video.

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Promotional Videos

Promotional video is becoming the essential tool to a good marketing strategy. It is more efficient, faster and more engaging than an article that is often boring and informative. All business sectors now use the power of corporate video to boost sales, presence, and credibility. It is also a way to stay in direct contact with your customers, especially in the real estate field.
Promotional video in the real estate sector:

-According to a study by the National Association of Real Estate Agents in Australia, at least 90% of people interested in buying a new property use the internet as their primary source of information.

-85% of buyers say that animated photos and animated videos are paramount in their final decision and about 73% of them trust an agent who will show them promotional videos of the properties for sale.

-Unfortunately, only 5% of realtors now use animated videos as a sales tool.

In Australia, websites with promotional videos receive 403% more visitors than websites that do not. And at least 46% of these queries are turned into purchases.
Moreover, in the retail sector, at least 144% of buyers watched a corporate video before adding a product to their shopping cart. Onlineshoes.com for example saw its sales increase by 45% compared to similar sites thanks to an animated video.

The commitment level of the promotional video: Forbes released a report stating that about 59% of executives are more likely to watch motion videos than read promotional content. The level of engagement of online users seems to depend on the use of animated explanatory videos: if the site has a video, the commitment rate increases by 139% and requests increase by 97%.
According to the Forrester Research Center, it’s much easier to get into the first results of a Google search by posting a promotional video on your site! The traffic and commitment rate can thus increase by 65% barely a month after the uploading of your animated corporate video. Links to your website also increase with the addition of an animated video or a whiteboard video to your site. In short, 69% of the total traffic of your site is achieved through the promotional video.

The promotional video as part of a marketing campaign: An interview conducted with consumers shows that more than half of them trust a company using an explanatory video. This reinforces them in their decision to purchase. Similarly, emails containing an animated video are more likely to be opened than those that do not. The click-through rate in an email or advertisement increases by at least 90% in the presence of a promotional video. In addition, users retain far more information when they see them in a commercial video than in another form of marketing campaign.

Commercial videos are not there to replace real estate agents, they are a tool today indispensable to help them in their sales and should not be seen as competition.

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Explanatory Video Animations

If you want to increase conversion rate, commitment rate or help your business create a quality brand image, making an animated explanatory video is THE solution to all your needs. To stand out from the competition, take the next level by creating a marketing video! This can greatly increase the traffic on your site and the commitment rate of your customers!
What is an animated explainer video?

As the name suggests, an explainer animation video serves to explain your products and services to your target audience or your customers. This helps you tell the story of your products: what they are, what they serve and most importantly, why your target must buy them.
Animation videos are used by companies to communicate important information to their target audience. The most important thing is to make the video short, simple and catchy.

There are lots of advantages to using an animated explanatory video:

– This is the best way to increase your conversion rate – A video is engaging, much more than an explanatory text
– It allows you to share important data with consumers
– A video is effective in highlighting a product, service or organization.

Why is an animated explanatory video effective?
When you think of a corporate video, you do not immediately think of an animated video. In the collective unconscious, creating an animated explanatory video takes more time than a simple promotional video filmed in your premises. However, a promotional video is the most appropriate marketing approach, here’s why:

– You save money: you do not need to spend money in accessories, sound and light equipment, rental of premises and requisitioning of all your staff. To create an animation video, you only have to contact a company that takes care of everything for you.
– You are not limited in your imagination: a motion design video offers endless possibilities! You can make your scene in space, in a noisy street in Shanghai or in the North Pole.
– You are sure of the quality: with the professionals of the animated video explanatory, you do not have to worry about the appearance of your actors, a bad light, a messy background, a poor-quality camera, etc.
Animated video is the most effective way today to build the image of your business and stay in touch with your customers. This is the surest way to tell your story and make your customers loyal customers.

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Motion Design To Propel Your Company

Motion design video for your business is there to explain and summarize your ideas in a few seconds.
According to a study, a website visitor decides within 2 to 3 seconds if they want to stay or not. This means that you have 3 seconds to impress your prospects. What better way than a lively video?

People like animations: it’s full of colours, it’s engaging and attractive. This gives you the opportunity to explain your products and services in a more interesting way to your visitors.

Boost your credibility at the same time as your sales!

Google tends to note the level of engagement on your site. This means that more people stay on your site, your positioning on search results climes up.
But beware, it is not because you put videos motion design on your site you will now appear at the top of the search results.
For this, the animated video needs to be optimized and to do so you need to surround yourself with a team of experts.

Add information about your business for your customers!

The information contained in a corporate video are much more likely to be remembered by visitors. According to a study, we have twice as much chances of remembering something we hear over something we read.
However, a simple explanatory video filled with diagrams, graphs and figures will not interest your target audience.
On the other hand, an animated with an effective script video will catch the attention of your potential customers. This is very important, especially if you want to present a somewhat complex product.

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Target Audience For Promotional Videos

The target audience for a promotional video is the customer: it can be made in order to attract new customers or deepen the coverage of the already existing market. A marketing video mixes visual effects and messages to deliver, which in the end captures the attention of the target and gives a better chance of achieving the desired goal. The promotional video will be much more likely to reach as many potential customers than the best text you could write.

The goals of the promotional video

The promotional video can help you achieve your customer loyalty goals with 2D technology making more than real images of everyday life. Your customers will feel like they’re immersed in your video. Through their expertise and qualification, video production companies are able to attract the attention of your potential customers. The images also have a role to play: the depth and angle chosen are used to create the best possible video. Using 2D technology and high-definition effects, you are sending a message to your audience: your company is at the forefront of technology and is able to lead its customers in the same direction for optimal results. Using HD videos is an effective way to leave a very good first impression that lasts in time and allows you to conquer new markets and new customers.

Video production in application

A promotional video can be used to highlight new ideas from a company, the benefits of using its products or services and / or show how they work. A video can also be used to present existing products or new products to its customers or to present a proposal to expand the range of existing services. 2D is a way to show the depth and clarity of visuals to showcase your products and services and make them more real.

Finally, marketing videos can be used in conferences, forums or exhibitions, in the presence of a large audience. They can help you unlock new sources that can turn into new customers! A clear presentation video and attractive content posted on your website can attract more visitors and make them stay on your site. It’s a way to reassure your customers about the strength and quality of your services. Creating a promotional video for your business ensures you get better coverage of all your potential customers who escape you if you use only written content to talk about your business.

Promotional videos on the internet

A clear presentation video and attractive content posted on your website can attract more visitors and make them stay on your site. It’s a way to reassure your customers about the strength and quality of your services. Creating a promotional video for your business ensures you get better coverage of all your potential customers who escape you if you use only written content to talk about your business.

Many people avoid too long items. They see it as a chore while watching a video is seen as entertainment.

However, to ensure its quality and relevance, do not forget that your video must absolutely be carried out by a specialized company.

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Video Techniques for Animated Videos

Convinced that an animated explanatory video is the best way to promote your offer, reach a maximum audience and convince them of the relevance of your solution, or make them want to know more, you still have to choose what video technique will be the most effective to get your message across:

– Whiteboard video
– Text animation
– 2D Cartoon with Voice over

These three video marketing technologies are the most efficient vectors for the rapid transmission of information. What are the criteria to take into account in order to orientate one’s choice to the one that will be the most relevant? Note: Other animation technologies, motion capture, 3D animation, on-site shooting, which have a much higher production cost without significant impact have been deliberately excluded.

Criteria choice

The questions to ask are:

Your target: according to the age and the professional profile of your prospects, choose the media that is most usual to them:

– Professionals seniors / executives company: Animation of text / video whiteboard with texts and graphics (essentially sector services and technologies – animation is then the equivalent – simplified – of a powerpoint presentation)

> Professionals juniors / associations: 2D animation purified, or video whiteboard based on drawings – voiceover

> General public, younger profile: 2D cartoon, voice over and sound effects and videos

> A professional graphic designer will help you define the graphic chart that will allow your prospects a quick identification. A viewer needs to feel involved from the first images. Being as specific as possible in defining your target is the best way to

Channels for broadcasting your video: if you want to use your video on your site, but also in a trade show, the sound will not be present, so an approach where the image and animation are self descriptive ( Animation of text or whiteboard with texts and graphics) – Attention, this exercise without soundtrack is even more difficult
Your image: Do you want to highlight your support side / partner (and therefore privilege personification via characters – therefore 2D animation or whiteboard with characters + colors) – or the technological strengths of your solution (text animation and graphs – Or whiteboard) – think also to adapt the voice off to this image (man / woman, young, mature, …).

To avoid !

Whatever technology is chosen here are the mistakes not to commit:

Customizable “turnkey” animations: besides the side already seen that systematically presents the use of these “low-cost” offers, a real analysis of your message and its translation via script and scenario, carried out by a professional , Are essential to ensure that your message is perceived and understood by your prospects. This vision by an external eye, and the original script proposals are a real added value. Remember that you never get 2 times a chance to make a good first impression.

Want to say everything in 30 seconds: an animated explanatory video aims to sufficiently publicize your solution, so that prospects want to go further, contact you and really study your offer. If your solution has some original aspects, which require an explanation, which you really want to highlight, moving to a slightly longer format is definitely a better solution than attempting to force your entire solution back in 30 seconds. If you have several products to present, making several independent videos is probably a better approach than juxtaposing them in a single video, a little too heterogeneous.

An explanatory video is not a commercial, even if it shares the same technologies: its lifetime is not linked to a promotional offer. We must therefore avoid non-perennial information (temporary offers, keep only constant prices), and concentrate on fundamentals
Identify yourself with the target: the video is aimed at your customers … not yours! You do not have to convince yourself of your strengths, but to make a third party who does not know your solution contact you. For this to entrust to a third its design is the best approach.