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Reasons why Your Fashion Business Needs an Explainer Video

Successfully launching a fashion brand and building its value based on your investment is a complex challenge. Fashion marketing campaigns tend to be contemporary, sometimes controversial but always visually powerful. If you are looking for cost-effective visual marketing tool to help you grow your fashion brand, it is time to consider an explainer video! Here are the reasons why:   Develop […]

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8 Tips For Your Marketing Strategy

  While it is true that video marketing is extremely unique, and you must have a very good strategy to reach consumers effectively, advertisers sometimes feel paralyzed when making and creating useful videos. Creating good video-content is not easy, however, there are certain points you should consider when focusing your strategy to attract your customers […]

Are your sales dropping? Try Video marketing!

Considering that vision is our most dominant sense, most of the information we feed our minds throughout the day is provided through the visual. 83% that businesses that provide video for marketing, experience higher Return On Investment (ROI). It is reputed that an investment in video marketing is costly, but the results are totally worth […]

Can Animated explainer videos be used in education?

Animated explainer videos are known for helping engage people, so why not use it to engage students?  Animated explainer videos are not only effective to explain the concept of a business, or are not only used to increase a company’s performance. They can also be effective in education for learning purposes. Education is about transmitting […]