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Is Motion Design the Future Content Marketing Must-Have?

Wherever you surf the Internet, chances are you have met some motion design. Otherwise, here’s a quick explanation of the concept: motion design is a lively representation of data. This is a somewhat simplified explanation, but very effective in getting a message across. Generally, using Motion Design video is relevant to clearly present accurate data. The best moving graphics videos use animations applied with taste to make the information visually appealing and understandable. It becomes a great way to express important ideas, raise awareness or call potential customers to action! There are some convincing reasons why motion design is becoming increasingly popular all over the web.

Why motion design?

When it comes to communicating as much information as possible within a short period of time, Motion Design video is ideal. Content creators and marketing specialists around the world view this format as the best option in order to get a longer attention span of the audience; This is certainly due to the fact that this type of video condense a large amount of information in a short and visually appealing presentation. They are a great way to help reduce the risk that the viewer misses a call to action because they have ignored parts of a longer video.

How are Motion Design videos created?

These videos are generally easy to do, especially compared to other types of real-time video content that are particularly long and costly to produce. Animators use either of the following methods: either they construct the base animation (the longest/costliest), or they begin with a “flat” graphic that they animate afterwards (the easiest option/less expensive).

Beginning with a static graph, you should create the flat image in vector format if possible, meaning that they can be enlarged without loss of quality. This allows for better control when animating. Creating a storyboard, similar to those used in the creation of feature films, is usually a good idea. The tools to create animated graphics are readily available, although they may cost a bit. Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion are great choices that make it easy to layer your content and add 3D effects to give the impression of movement. It is infinitely more attractive to the average viewer than static content.

What is the future of motion design … and marketing?

Fashion and trends move faster on the Internet than anywhere else. Even so, the growth of the popularity of motion design may well be here to stay. Video content is more popular than ever.

According to an Invodo study, the average Internet user watches about 19 hours of video on the Internet per month. In terms of shopping on the web, 60% of buyers regularly watch product videos. This makes potential buyers 174% more likely to buy the product in question. It is not just information: it is a brief and unique experience that not only provides information, but also tells a story. This stimulating and shareable content will create a great word-of-mouth.

Thus, motion design can easily become a part of the most viral content when properly executed. The condition is not to neglect the upstream marketing analysis regarding the target and the relevance of the message to be passed. The advantage of this video format is that it is compatible with B2B, B2C marketing, for any sector, and for any presentation (with investors or banks). Indeed, there are more opportunities and options than ever before for content marketing.

No one can predict the future, but to date we can see many startups, small and medium enterprises use the motion design for different communication campaigns. By its simplicity and its efficiency It could well mean that the motion design will become a standard of communication in the years to come.

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The Key to a Successful SEO Campaign

The key to a successful search engine optimization SEO campaign is to create a unique language that captures the attention of consumers and becomes synonymous with your brand name. Possessing brand language means that whenever potential customers are typing your keywords and phrases into a search engine, your site – along with other sites and media that support your website and offers – is the first result they see.

  • Begin by identifying keywords and phrases that are highly relevant to your product or service. There are sites such as Network Solutions or Google AdWords to help you reduce your verbiage.
  • In the early stages of your SEO campaign, your brand language should have no more than two or three keywords or phrases. Similarly, it is important to make sure that your brand language is only yours so that you can ‘own it’. As an example, an environmentally friendly car washing company may never be able to possess the words “car wash” due to the number of car washes in the world but it may be able to to have the phrase “ecological car wash”.
  • Once you have selected your keywords and phrases, incorporate your brand language into your slogan, description of the company, etc … With your individual keywords and phrases, this content will serve as the primary media that you will use for your SEO campaign.
  • After completing the content of your brand language, it’s time to distribute your keywords and phrases to specific Internet channels. This tactic will increase the number of links driving traffic to your site and significantly increase the construction of your site’s visibility on the search engines.

Here are four ways to use your brand language to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your search engine optimization efforts.

1. Optimize your website

Search engine optimization involves placing your brand language in specific areas on your site. To begin with, you will need a Web site header title not exceeding 70 to 80 characters and a site description not exceeding 200 characters. The title and description must include all the languages of your brand. Also, make sure that each of your keywords and phrases is included in the meta tags and body text of your site, but be careful not to overuse them. Only use each keyword once in your title, description and META tags; Twice in the text of the main body of the site is sufficient.

2. Distribute optimized press releases

The distribution and posting of monthly online press releases will create a large number of backlinks to your site, which steadily increases your visibility and ranking of the site. When composing your press releases, include your keywords and phrases once or – at most – twice in the body text of the version. In some cases, press release distribution services, such as PR Web, will allow you to create hyperlinks using their proprietary software. Once your release is complete, use email services such as PR Web and Business Wire to distribute your release to hundreds of sites and journalists. There are also a plethora of free display sites that you can use to increase exposure.

3. Create social media channels

Complete your social media profiles with your company’s slogan, the URL of your website and your website. Label all image, video, and multimedia files you upload to these sites with your keywords and phrases. Include elements of your brand language in status updates and messages, and use free services such as Ping.fm to syndicate your content.

4. Comment on blogs and forums

Commenting and blogging about the relevant industry threads, websites and forums is another way to create valuable links back to your site. Make a list of the best blogs and online sites in your industry. In some cases, you may be able to offer your services as a guest blogger, which will allow you to include your company’s credentials and brand language in guest posts. For all other sites on your list, make comments and regularly reply to messages made by content providers of the site with relevant tips that incorporate your brand language and the URL of your website. Avoid self-promotion or spam. Each time you register a user account, use one of your keywords or phrases as the username and include the URL of your website. In many cases, user names become hyperlinks when your comments are brought online.

Also, allow users to easily share content by integrating social media tools such as ShareThis and Tweetmeme into your arsenal or social-bookmarking, such as Digg and Delicious Discover our next article the video marketing!

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Motion Design Video for an Efficient Digital Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is part of what is known as content marketing. It consists in the creation and publication of quality content targeted to a particular audience, in the form of video, usually of a rather short duration.

The importance of video within the marketing mix?

If video content appears costly at first, it is still an excellent choice for your marketing campaign. In 2017, the video will represent 75% of Internet traffic and 65% of mobile data. According to an eMarketer study, 52% of marketers consider video content to be the best return on investment in a campaign. Nevertheless, in order to optimize its returns, it is necessary to define beforehand your objectives and your target. The same goes for a B2B market where video also makes sense.

What video for a growing business?

Start-ups, for example, often face expansion problems due to lack of effective communication. It is often difficult to explain to stakeholders the activity, innovative nature or competitive advantage of a Start-up.

To do this, make the choice of a short video (1 to 2 minutes), comprehensible by all and which can be shared a maximum. The choice of the format will prove crucial according to your means. In the case of a start-up, motion design, less expensive, is increasingly preferred to the classic video. Plus, you get your message moving with animations that help you get more attention from your audience. The video is easily shared across the various social networks, whose audience potential is colossal.

How to evaluate the performance of your video?

You will understand that investing in video is now essential to guarantee the quality and efficiency of your digital communication. You will be able to measure your performance with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that you have previously identified and categorized according to your objectives. The conversion rate, for example, is one of the most common indicators to any business present on the web. It should be noted that the average conversion rate of a website without video is 2.9%, compared with 4.8% for a site using video (Source: Aberdeen Group).

Finally, Google Analytics, Youtube Analytics and Facebook Analytics are tools that can provide you with relevant data on user behavior, allowing you to adjust marketing strategy according to your performance.

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Communication Tips for your Project Launching

Take a minute to talk to people

Here are some communication tips to launch your activity. In fact, you should talk to a number of people who could represent your customers – 20 to 40. You can structure these interviews as followed:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • When was the last time you solved the problem yourself?
  • What were your frustrations?
  • How do you think they could be solved?

Get feedback from the user as quickly as possible

Google Design Sprints is a great way to shorten the process of understanding how your ideas will truly fit your target market. This allows you to test the assumptions around your base value and then how you communicate that to the real world.


The brand is important

Being able to communicate with your target market about everything your company embodies is crucial to enjoying continued success. That’s why it’s worth investing in what will be your brand strategy. The keywords of your branding campaign:

  • Memorable
  • Sharable
  • Targeted
  • Broadcasted
  • Social Networks
  • Touchpoints or contact points
  • Brand image
  • Logo
  • Visual identity

Internal communication

Once you hire new employees, make sure you understand what your main goals are and how you will reach them. Be as transparent as possible and take stock regularly to ensure that you follow your guideline.

Communicating to investors

You have to convince them and make your vision also theirs, to show them that there is indeed a development opportunity in the market of your choice. After that, you need to show them how your business will last and generate steady and consistent cash flow. Finally, investors must be convinced of the strength of your team and the reliability of the project.


Human Resources

Human resources, forget the long internal emails. Go on the roadshows. Companies are turning to short, animated videos to convey important messages. Why animated videos and not normal live action videos? How do they know it works? How can you even quantify the “value” of an animated video?

Well, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, the average one minute video is worth more than 1.8 million words. Impressive sound side? Well … yes, but honestly, it’s actually based on the well-known premise that a picture is worth a thousand words.
If an image equals 1000 words and a video takes 30 frames per second. Therefore, every second of video is worth 30,000 words. Multiply that by 60 seconds and you get 1.8 million.

So, the point is that if only one picture can say as much – imagine how much more a video can say. The mixture of words, visuals, images (and perhaps a bit of humour) means that explanatory videos are there to last. They are effective and increasingly popular.

According to Forbes, 59% of executives prefer to watch a video than read a text, and these videos lead 50% of viewers to look for additional information.

So, is there an internal explanatory video format for human resources?
The short answer is “probably”. We have gathered ten ways to use an internal explanatory video. Here they are:

1. Recruitment and hiring
Use recruitment videos to attract the best talent to your business. It is an easy way to present your business and your culture in less than two minutes and can be a powerful tool in growing your team.

2. Training
New recruitment directions can be challenging for managers and new employees who are probably a bit outdated! Use a video through basic integration processes and create a library of digital resources that they can refer to later.

3. Compliance and Code of Conduct
Do all members of your company know your policies and codes of conduct? They probably receive an update from time to time. Create a library of compliance videos and codes of conduct that can be easily disseminated within your organization.

4. Policy Review
Instead of benefit enrolment meetings and policy changes, use a video that can be e-mailed across the company and reviewed by employees when they have the time. It is a shorter and more effective way of keeping employees attentive to important policies. Strong internal communication is critical to any business: internal communications help organizations achieve goals and increase employee engagement. Finding ways to cut the rainy sound of emails, phone calls, text messages and meetings that employees know every day is crucial for an effective internal communications system.

5. Introduce new ideas, strategies or policies
Do not risk important messages being ignored by busy employees. If you have a message to share, consider a video – it will capture the attention of employees more effectively than a memo or email, and will be more suitable for a busy workforce.

6. Success Stories
Increase morale and create a sense of community by sharing successes through videos. These may include new product launches, results reporting, or business news announcements. Take one step further to reward employee engagement and celebrate volunteerism, philanthropy and community involvement.

7. Strengthening core values
Establishing – and revisiting – core values is a powerful tool. It aligns employees across businesses, creates a sense of belonging, and can be a guide to navigating the complex business world. But core values can be difficult to embrace when businessmen find themselves in the day to day work routine. A video highlighting and exploring core values – which can be shared through presentations or by email – reminds employees what you are.

8. Beginning of a presentation or meeting
The purpose of any meeting or presentation should be that the audience gets a clear understanding of the topic presented, and the next tangible steps. This is not always the case – and poorly organized meetings create confusion and can interfere with internal communications. Short videos as a foreword to large meetings align all participants and create a sense of excitement – the videos are fun, after all!

9. How to make videos and tutorials
Professional development is important for a motivated and committed employee base. Think of an explanatory video to show employees the professional development opportunities you have, as well as the tools and resources available.

10. Digital Resources Library
Pull it all out with a digital resource library. If you have managed to use videos for human resources or internal communications, create an easy and accessible place where employees can view videos whenever they need them – and wherever they are. No one wants to have to find and read a manual to review a benefit issue or understand a policy. The video makes it much easier, for all employees. And that’s why we do what we do. We focus 100% of our energy and time on internal explanatory videos that help change managers and internal communicators engage employees – capture their attention and interest visually.

If you have a question about using an animated video in your organization, send us a message on our contact page or leave a comment below. Check out our next article that explains how explanatory videos can help your recruitment agency.

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How to choose the professional who will make your video

Here are some things to check before choosing a professional to make your video.

Look at his portfolio / book.

When looking for a professional in the production of animated videos, you should check that your portfolio / book matches your brand.
Do you prefer a clear and elegant design with deep colors, or will you head towards a design with thicker lines and a coarser contour?
These details and their qualities are to be taken into account, especially if you have a precise idea of the look you want to give your corporate video.

Check his references and the companies he worked with.

When searching for your motion design creator, you should also look with which companies he has worked with to see if he always deals with the same kind of customers or not. It is also a way of seeing if your competitors are not already its customers so as not to risk the conflict of interest. If possible, choose a service provider who is used to dealing with companies in the same sector as yours. He will have a better knowledge of your business and the clients you want to convince.

Request production steps to validate the efficiency of your service provider

Verify that there is an internal process to the company and that is respected for the production of a promotional video. The existence of this process will make the production of your video faster and guarantee its quality. If it is not immediately proposed by your service provider, you must insist on the importance of a brainstorming pre-production in order to give the desired direction to the production company. Three round trips between you and your provider are the minimum required to perform quality work before finalizing the promotional video.
Keep the reins! This is your video, you need to be able to make the changes that you want in compliance of course with the work of your provider.


Read reviews and testimonials from past clients of selected professional to be able to evaluate the qualities of your potential service provider, be sure to read the comments and remarks of his previous clients to see how the professional animated videos responded to their queries. If there have been some glitches during production, you should also know how the agency has straightened the shot. The testimonials can be present on their website but do not hesitate to search directly on Google for the roughest and often not reworked opinions. If possible, watch videos made for former customers, to inspire you and be sure that the style matches what you are looking for.

Checking these items can help you make a choice between several animated video production agencies if you hesitate. This can also reassure you about the qualifications of the chosen professionals.

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Animated Explainer Video

Companies have many tools that can improve their conversion rates. A website with aesthetic design can leave a good first impression to the visitors. And most websites also offer quality content conducive to communication with their target audience. All these tools can increase the conversion rate and the numbers just doesn’t stop climbing with the use of promotional videos! Find out how animated videos improve your conversion rates!

What is an animated explainer video?
Companies are starting to hire companies specialized in animated video to help them create explainer videos. These are short videos that tell the story of the company. A corporate video production team can use digital design, whiteboard technology or animated modeling to get the message out to the target audience.
And often, adding a video to the homepage of its website improves the conversion rate. Approximately one-third of the visitors click on the video and half of them watch it until the end.

Why and how are animated videos effective?
Studies have estimated that the average attention span of a visitor is about 8 seconds. Which means that companies have 8 seconds to capture the attention of visitors to their website. They have an interest in ensuring that the content of their site encourages visitors to engage in this very short period of time.
Video animation can help them capture the attention of their visitors and teach them more about the company at the same time. A well-produced promotional video can capture the attention of a visitor 8 seconds or more. According to the studies conducted, an explainer video is viewed entirety if it is less than three minutes long.

How do animated videos convey the brand’s message?
A promotional video is the best way to convey the brand’s message. But be careful to do it correctly! An animated explainer video needs good graphics, quality texts and a well-written script to communicate clearly with the target.
A clear story can allow visitors to identify with it, and that’s one of the reasons why the engagement rate is so high when using animated videos.

The marketing videos are both visual and textual. This is why they speak to everyone. And when the visual and the textual are pairs, people retain up to half of the information transmitted.
Finally, promotional videos can be easily shared with family members and friends on social networks. These are the informative and funny videos that are most shared on the internet today. Viral videos are seen by millions of people all over the world. Animated videos can only become viral if they are of high quality. An animated explainer video is the most effective and economical way to attract the attention of potential customers and to convey the message. This is why it is one of the best tools to improve the conversion rate of your website.

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Business Presentation

Have you ever visited a website that included too many texts and did not catch your attention? Perhaps it is your own website that needs to be made attractive? Have you thought about improving your business presentation?

Our attention is constantly solicited and we are overwhelmed by the information we receive from all sides. As a result, customers’ attention is shorter and shorter and they need to be seduced in the first few seconds. Studies have proved that a user decides in less than 8 seconds if he wants to stay on the website or to leave it, hence the importance of a good company presentation.

One of the solutions to increase the conversion rate is the use of an animated explanatory video

A recent study has shown that 80% of companies that do not currently use videos are likely to use them in the future. So, if you do not use animated videos to present your products, you lose customers to your competitors. Marketing videos increase the conversion rate because people do not want to read annoying texts! With an explanatory video, your customers will understand in a playful way the function of your product, they will know more about your brand and the services you offer and it is the most effective way to deliver your message!

So, if your company does not have promotional videos, you miss out on the market trend!

In the coming years, we will see a massive increase in the number of animated videos on websites and corporate videos! Be the pioneers! Videos in motion design also improve your SEO! To earn rankings on the search results page, you must have a corporate video on your website that is also linked to YouTube.

Today, attracting the attention of your customers has become the nerve of the markets war! You miss out on some customers and can even lose if you do not surf the wave of animated video explanatory!

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Motion Design

An animated motion design video has its own way of conveying your message to your target. Whatever your goal, a corporate video can be an effective and creative tool to bring a concept to life. No matter the complexity of your products or services, a promotional video is there to simplify the message delivered to your audience.
What is the best way to use motion design video? Here are some ways to use an animation video.

Use commercial video for presentations

Building a customer relationship is the most important element of the sales profession. A video in motion design can help them focus on their core business without having to search throughout their presentation. The video will serve as a simplified especially if you have a large number of products to present. Your salespeople will only have to talk to their customers and refer them to the product best suited to their needs.

Improve the engagement rate on your site with a video in motion design on the home page

Studies have shown that an animation video increases the conversion rate on a website. This means that visitors stay longer on your site, eventually register for your newsletter and even buy if your products are available online! An animated video can be used to present your business so that your potential customers know you better. This contributes to the creation of a strong company-customer relationship.

Use a video in motion design for your brand positioning

Do not hesitate to call upon an agency specialized in the creation of animated videos especially if you want to build the heart of your business and its identity. It will be possible to create a story that is entertaining enough to make people want to share it on social networks.

This is especially true if you are a brand new and would like to introduce yourself to your prospects. This can be done in storytelling format, as if you were talking to someone who needed your services. For example, you can ask for an explanatory video with as background the story of Bob looking for a grooming service for his dog. The goal is to keep the playful and engaging side of the animation video.

Use an explanatory video to facilitate the integration of your new employees

When you hire new employees, you certainly have an integration program. A corporate video can be a good way to introduce your business to new staff in an original way. This way, you can focus on the efficiency of your sector.
These just a few examples among several others of how to use promotional video! It’s up to you to see what benefits your business could benefit from using a corporate video.

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Promotional Videos

Promotional video is becoming the essential tool to a good marketing strategy. It is more efficient, faster and more engaging than an article that is often boring and informative. All business sectors now use the power of corporate video to boost sales, presence, and credibility. It is also a way to stay in direct contact with your customers, especially in the real estate field.
Promotional video in the real estate sector:

-According to a study by the National Association of Real Estate Agents in Australia, at least 90% of people interested in buying a new property use the internet as their primary source of information.

-85% of buyers say that animated photos and animated videos are paramount in their final decision and about 73% of them trust an agent who will show them promotional videos of the properties for sale.

-Unfortunately, only 5% of realtors now use animated videos as a sales tool.

In Australia, websites with promotional videos receive 403% more visitors than websites that do not. And at least 46% of these queries are turned into purchases.
Moreover, in the retail sector, at least 144% of buyers watched a corporate video before adding a product to their shopping cart. Onlineshoes.com for example saw its sales increase by 45% compared to similar sites thanks to an animated video.

The commitment level of the promotional video: Forbes released a report stating that about 59% of executives are more likely to watch motion videos than read promotional content. The level of engagement of online users seems to depend on the use of animated explanatory videos: if the site has a video, the commitment rate increases by 139% and requests increase by 97%.
According to the Forrester Research Center, it’s much easier to get into the first results of a Google search by posting a promotional video on your site! The traffic and commitment rate can thus increase by 65% barely a month after the uploading of your animated corporate video. Links to your website also increase with the addition of an animated video or a whiteboard video to your site. In short, 69% of the total traffic of your site is achieved through the promotional video.

The promotional video as part of a marketing campaign: An interview conducted with consumers shows that more than half of them trust a company using an explanatory video. This reinforces them in their decision to purchase. Similarly, emails containing an animated video are more likely to be opened than those that do not. The click-through rate in an email or advertisement increases by at least 90% in the presence of a promotional video. In addition, users retain far more information when they see them in a commercial video than in another form of marketing campaign.

Commercial videos are not there to replace real estate agents, they are a tool today indispensable to help them in their sales and should not be seen as competition.