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Promotional videos are now part of the marketing strategy of many companies. And that’s normal!

YouTube counts not less than 4 billion views a day! It is also the 2nd most used search engine after Google. According to a study, 78% of respondents watch at least one video per week on YouTube and 55% watch at least one a day.

Additionally, promotional videos available on YouTube also appear on different search engines, giving you the opportunity to broaden your audience. 92% of B2B customers watch videos online.
In addition, 34% of customers tend to buy a product after watching a promotional video and 48% say they trust the promotional videos of online businesses. Promotional video experts help you be more competitive.

Promotional videos have been incorporated into various companies’ websites to increase visitor engagement. They are also added to emails, increasing their chances of being opened by at least 5.6%. In addition, these corporate videos greatly increase the click-through rate by 96%. And when a video is added to the home page of a site, the conversion rate (customer who buys a product or service) is 80%! The number of executives using videos increased by 81% over the previous figures. This is a huge jump compared to 70% in previous years. More than half of managers (52%) also tend to watch explanatory videos, and 75% of them are corporate promotional videos.

Video professionals create mobile-optimized content

The latest update to Google’s algorithm gives priority to mobile-optimized content and for good reason: more than 60% of users surf the Internet on their mobile or tablet. At least 70% of the content that appears on the first page of a search engine like Google is video content. A video does not just increase traffic to your site, it’s also a gateway to your site!
Other figures:

– About 50% of all non-computer internet traffic is generated by mobile phones
– Approximately 85% of respondents plan to increase their budget for video content.
– Note that short videos (1 to 2 minutes) also tend to generate a better engagement: 88.3% of them are watched until the end.

Promotional video experts create easy-to-share content. You can easily share your video content on social networks. More and more YouTube videos are being watched on Facebook. On Twitter, at least 700 YouTube videos are tweeted every day. The ease of integration and sharing of corporate videos make them very efficient and effective. So, what are you waiting for?


If you’ve seen blockbusters like the Nemo or Toy Story world, you’ll agree that animated videos can be tackled from many angles to deliver the desired message. Did you know that this technology can also be used, among other things, to develop your company’s sales arguments?

How does it work?

The first important element is the hardware of course! To produce a video worthy of the name with a high level of finesse, dexterity, and clarity, it is necessary to have the appropriate software, equipment and method. The absence of adequate material can prevent the video team from producing a quality video: you do not want to have blurry pictures at a time when realism and clarity are kings?
The colourful images send a clearer signal and are appreciated as a guarantee of quality.
A high-quality video attracts attention and will therefore be more watched. Remember: the first impression is essential, especially in sales, so leave a first impression unforgettable! Beware, the hardware does not do everything! It needs to be adjusted and programmed to give the best possible result, you have to know how to use it! Moreover, a good camera will film well in high quality, without the skills and talent of an expert team, the images will remain meaningless.

Remember: the first impression is essential, especially in sales, so leave a first impression unforgettable! Beware, the hardware does not do everything! It needs to be adjusted and programmed to give the best possible result, you have to know how to use it! Moreover, a good camera will film well in high quality, without the skills and talent of an expert team, the images will remain meaningless.

Clear expectations

Engaging your target is the goal and a video can help. For this, a promotional video must be both informative and entertaining to attract customers. Defining its marketing objective is a prerequisite before making a live video: it is at the service of the marketing plan adopted by the company and not the other way around. The animated videos must satisfy the interests of the company and the experts in this field will give the touch of charm necessary that your company needs to reach its objectives of sale and / or loyalty. An animation at the forefront of technology using the best tools available on the market for conceptualization,

The animated videos must satisfy the interests of the company and the experts in this field will give the touch of charm necessary that your company needs to reach its objectives of sale and / or loyalty. An animation at the forefront of technology using the best tools available on the market for conceptualization, editing and creativity, the production of animated videos has become the ideal way to offer an unprecedented experience to your target audience. This unparalleled customer experience is now the foundation of customer loyalty, development and success.

The animated video has not ceased to amaze you! It constantly pushes back the limits of what is possible to better meet the needs of its customers. It is no longer simply a matter of creating logos, images or slogans, but defining a high-definition sphere in which all these virtual elements are inscribed. Ask what you want! The video experts are there to answer all your ideas!


What will attract the eye of visitors to your website at first?
The animated video, of course!

This is the perfect way to make your visitors stay on your site. They will feel closer to your company and its values and will, therefore, be more committed.
And who says engaged visitors, says sale at the key!

But beware! It’s not about making a video in a hurry! It is recommended to call upon professional video editing and/or motion designers.
Of course, you can create an animated video on your own, especially if you have a limited budget but the quality is likely to be compromised.
The return on investment is such that the expenses incurred with a professional audiovisual production will be well worth it!

What are the advantages of hiring a specialized company?

1- Simplification

If you want to create an informative video about your business, you do not necessarily step back to clearly explain your business.
A professional will know how to convey your ideas without risking confusion with your potential customers.
An explanatory video should be short and concise to get a maximum commitment rate.
In addition to knowing how to simplify your content without distorting it, a video professional will be able to present your company in an attractive way!

2- Effectiveness

Storytelling is an art and must be done in a way that captivates your target audience. An animated video business can create a convincing script. A first meeting will be used to create the brief. The audio-visual creation company will ask you several information:
– your activity,
– your target,
– the problems you are responding to,
– the benefits of your products or services,
– the tone of your video,
– if you want to include a Call to Action …
All of these elements should help you define your communication goal. This brainstorming is the first step in creating your script. Your answers to these questions are crucial to the future of your video.

3- Customization

The style and design of your video will depend on the topic. This can be a simple and didactic explanation: the colours and the scenery in which the characters evolve will make the graphics and figures attractive. The highlighted elements of your animated video should be a reflection of your business. Trust professionals for this!

4- Exchange

In addition to the first exchange defining the communication objective and tone of your video, you will have the opportunity to keep in touch with the motion design team throughout the making of your video. You will have access to a version of your video before the finalization and will be able to make your remarks and make modifications until the video is suitable before you integrate it to your site. Do not hesitate! Call on professionals, your company will thank you!



You have recently posted content on YouTube and you want to be better referenced to generate traffic on your video? Here’s how:

Step # 1: Find the “video keywords”

Like everything in SEO, the process of SEO YouTube begins with the search for keywords. Your goal is to find keywords that have YouTube results on the first page of Google. Unlike a results page of a normal search engine with 10 pages of results, Google reserves much of the first page results to videos


In general, Google tends to give video results for these keywords:

-Comment + keywords (“how to make an omelette”)

-Review (“WordPress review”)

-Tutorials (“Configure Iphone”)

-Anything related to fitness and sports (“kickboxing Cardio”)

-Videos Funny (“cute animals”)




How can we find video keywords?

The best way to find video keywords is to search for the keywords matching your niche. Then, see if the keywords searched have YouTube video results.


Once you have found a video keyword, it’s time to check if it generates enough traffic.

Because videos do not take much time to assemble, you do not have to find keywords with large search volumes.

Just make sure your target keyword gets at least 300 searches per month on Google (you can find this information by using Google’s keywords)


Why 300 searches per month?

If a keyword reaches at least 300 searches a month, then you know it also gets a good number of searches on YouTube as well. And if you can get the video to be ranked on Google, then many of the people who perform these 300 monthly searches will click your video into the results.This means that you get more high-quality traffic for your video, and ultimately, for your site.


Step # 2: Upload your video with YouTube SEO in mind

Here’s how to extract the most value from the SEO of your video.

When you have finished the video, make sure that you use the keyword in the video file name.

For example, if you wanted to have your video ranked for the keyword “weight loss tips”, name your video tips_weight_weight_video.mp4.

The title of your video must be at least 5 words long. This way you can include your complete keyword.

For example, the title of a video tutorial for surfing, there are only 7 words, 2 of which are keywords:Tutorial surf


So if you are trying to be referenced for “surfing tutorial” you should make a title like: “surfing tutorial: learn to surf a wave today”.




Your video description is very important. Because Google and YouTube can not “listen” to videos, they rely on the description of your text to determine the content of your video.


Here are the basic guidelines for the description:


-Place your link at the top of the video (which maximizes the click-through rate on your site)

-Include your keyword in the first 25 words

-Description of at least 50 words

-Include your keywords 1-4 times

-Include links to your Twitter pages, Facebook and other social networks.


This optimized SEO description will help Google and YouTube know what your video is about.


Tag this product:

Tags are not super important … but they help.

Just include a few keywords to help YouTube and Google know the content of your video.

Targeted tags not only help you to be ranked … But let you have your video presented more often as an associated video in the sidebar area of YouTube:





When watching a video that has a label similar to yours – bim! – it is added to the sidebar.

Once you’re done, tap “Save Changes” and your video will be uploaded!



Step # 3: Get Views

For your video to be ranked for competitive keywords, it needs to get lots of views.

More Views = Top Rankings.

But there is a catch …

… Views must be real.


YouTube has taken on the wrong views. That’s why I do not recommend using a service on Fiverr to improve your number of views. And as we have already discussed, the views which are maintained to the end are worth their weight in gold. Here are some strategies you can use to get targeted views on your video:

Quora, Yahoo! Answers, needdunconseil, quest.com, questionreponse.net, reponseatout.com, experts-univers.com, en.answers.yahoo.com, and other Q & A websites are some of the sites More popular on the Web (Quora is part of the Alexa ranking of the 500 most visited sites).


Post a comment or question and add a link to your video. Or better yet, incorporate it into your answer:


A link to your video in your email signature


People who write you emails (like your mom) generally like you.


And if you’re like me, you get a ton of emails.

So when you add a link to your latest video in your email signature, it means you get views.

Integrate your videos into your blog posts

Every time you write a response to a blog (on your site or as a post visitor for another site), you can embed your video.

The user experience metrics that YouTube uses

Here’s what YouTube uses to determine the quality of your video:


– Maintaining the video: The percentage of your video that people tend to look at (the more, the better).


Video Tutorial: How to Quickly and Easily Stimulate Maintaining a Video: 3 Simple Tips


-Comment: If people comment, they probably enjoyed the video (or at least watched it).

-Subscription after watching: If someone subscribes to your channel after watching your video, this is the sign that you have an amazing video.

-Partages: The number of people who share your video on social networks like Twitter and Google+.

-Favorites: The number of people who add your video to their favorites or to their “Later Look” list:

-Short Thumb / Thumb down: This is not an explanation


If you want to know the performance of your video, you can see the user experience data in YouTube Analytics:



Having a website is a good thing, but without real traffic, it does not serve much. The main search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, … will bring traffic to your site, and will even bring targeted traffic if you follow certain rules. Targeted visitors are obviously leads that can increase your turnover. It is, therefore, essential for any online company to think about optimizing its platform and SEO for search engines.

1st Tip: Do not make coding and programming mistakes

Search engines use robots that scan the code on websites. The scanning is done according to certain standards. It is imperative to respect them so that these robots are able to understand and integrate your site in its search engine.So be careful to always keep a html coding clean and error-free so that these robots are able to understand each of your web pages. If your coding is too fancy, you will drive your site to a lower ranking in the search engines …

2nd Tip: Think about the keywords …

Take the example of a Savoyard cheese factory that decides to sell its products on the web. To stand out, it will have to make sure to use specific keywords. Like “Farm reblochon”; “Savoy Fruit “.The fact that a keyword is specific and precise will differentiate it from the competition. It will, therefore, have less direct competition and therefore much more chances of being listed on the front page of the search engines.

3rd Tip: … and position them well

It’s nice to have a list of specific keywords, but you should not put them anywhere so that search engines can identify them.Your keyword selection should be in the title of the site and in the header tags. They may also appear in your tags.

4th Tip: get quality inbound links

The inbound link campaign is the keystone of your natural SEO, but it is also the hardest part. As for the keywords, always prime QUALITY rather than QUANTITY!Creating your inbound link campaign requires a bit of methodology. Here are the main steps:
– Choose a keyword or phrase
– Select a trusted Site
– Integrate keyword and website:
<a href=”»http://my”> my keyword </a> Post an article on the other site by including the keywordYour site must contain an URL with this keyword. Yourdomain.com /

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A text-only website is outdated. Beyond the fashion effect and trends, Google now gives a very high priority to explainer videos. They are highlighted to appear on the first page. An animated video is both a simple way to spread your ideas and an unrivalled advertising medium.

Many companies and marketers have understood this and are taking advantage of it to increase the number of visitors and especially to increase their conversion rate. The following 5 points are proof that explainer videos is essential for the promotion of your activity on the web.

Proof # 1: Increase Your SEO Google (SEO)

As you have understood, an animated video is a highly-valued item of engines like Google. By using keywords and tags specific to your activity or the products/services you want to highlight, you will gain in SEO. According to a study by Forrester Research, explainer videos multiplies the chances of being on the first page of Google by 3.

Proof # 2: Easy to share

The facts speak for themselves, according to a study realized by Quicksprout (2013), explainer videos are 12 times more likely to be shared on social networks, blogs or forums than a text. Explainer videos are by far the easiest online content to share. According to the same study, every minute, Youtube users share 1200 videos on Twitter and Facebook. Your explainer videos will have an impact on a very large number of Internet users for a budget of 0 euro.

Proof # 3: Have a real impact

Your product / service, as well as your activity, are certainly exciting. But how can you communicate to your target all the information without losing their attention? Indeed, research show that the focus time of the human being is only 8 seconds. This very limited time frame is multiplied by 4.5 when it comes to watching an animated video. An explanatory video of your activity expresses a great deal of information in just a few seconds while keeping the attention of the audience.

Proof # 4: A declining rebound rate and an increase in the conversion rate

Many marketers claim that the return on investment of an explanatory video is unbeatable. It allows to reduce the rebound rate, which means the number of Internet users who leave your site after entering it.

As a result, a user’s conversion rate increases considerably. Explainer videos on a website increase by 64% the purchase or the quote request online.

Check out our explainer videos portfolio!


Your web platform is well optimized, well referenced on Google, but is it effective? The conversion rate evaluates the number of visitors you convert to customers on your website.

There are techniques and tricks that will increase your conversion rate.

Let us recall in more details what a conversion rate might be. It is simply the expected action of a visitor on a website. The expected action from the visitor may be to enter his contact information, buy, register for an event, …

The conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of “conversions” by the number of visitors over a given period. An average of 3% is a reasonable goal you can set.


  • Optimize your bounce rate


Nearly half of the visitors will leave a website if the home page is not displayed in less than 3 seconds.

You can use tools such as Google Analytics to measure this rate. If it is too high, optimize your website. Optimize the resolution of your photos or videos, remove those that do not have a specific goal, and use a professional to optimize your website. Use innovative tools to captivate your visitors, and keep them on your site. An explanatory video can describe your business, services and solutions, and is much more effective than text to keep visitors’ attention.


2) Recommendations and opinions

If your customers, partners, suppliers trust you and give you a good reputation, do most of it! The majority of visitors are sensitive to the recommendations of a brand or product. Highlight the opinions and recommendations of your partners and customers. Publish testimonials, videos of your customers, the number of likes of your social network pages, shares, etc. Integrating social networks is therefore essential. Create your professional ambassadorial pages for your brand / product, and build a community that will put your prospects in confidence.


3) Create a good contact form

The form for making contact, for a quote request, or a callback request is the final step that converts a visitor.

There are some golden rules that convert your visitor without abandoning your site.

Follow these rules to get an optimized form:

  • Integrate the form on your website, do not direct your visitor to another url
  • Ask for the minimum amount of information you need to get back in touch with the visitor (A phone number, an email and a name are sufficient)
  • Work its design in the same way as the other pages on the site.


4) Call To Action

Help your visitors take action, guide them to fulfill the action you expect from them.

How? By integrating call-to-action visual buttons. Do not hesitate to test them under different names, different places and compare the results.


They have to be visible, and positioned in a thoughtful way. For example, on a landing page, you position your animated explanatory video and just beside it, there will be your call to action button.


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Young and innovative companies sometimes struggle to stand out. They do not have the budget to compete with corporate communications campaigns. But rest assured, there are many techniques that allow start-ups to stand out and get out of the shadows. Blogs, social networks, and eMailing campaign. These three media can largely benefit from a motion design animation presentation of your business. Here are the 3 web communication tips that will help your startup stand out :

Having a Blog

And yes, it requires a little time and writing but integrating a blog to your website and publishing articles regularly is the most effective web-marketing strategy. Why’s that? Simply because publishing articles regularly can bring 75% of additional leads. Be careful, however, to define the themes of the blog post to target your audience. Beyond the regularity of publication, it is also important to focus on the relevance of the content. The aim is to direct each publication to your activity. This requires careful use of relevant keywords. A good blog post will be considered an educational publication that will share your expertise, which will generate reactions and interactions via feedback comments.

An additional reason to manage a blog is that your SEO on Google will improve and you will gain considerable positioning.

Social networks

Social networks are an important medium for web-marketing. These are popular sites that allow free advertising and create a natural network. There are as many communication strategies as there are social networks. Each network is specific and your communication goals can direct you to one or the other.

The privileged one is Facebook and is essential to create a community and make oneself known on start-ups groups like My French Start-up for example. Each network has a very advanced and sometimes complex strategy. Note that some large companies have become known through networks such as Instagram, Youtube Snapchat or Google+.


Mailing campaigns can be scary and are now associated with Spams. But when used wisely, a mailing campaign is very effective. There are rules to follow and methods that will allow you to convert contacts much more efficiently than you thought.

First of all, you have to target the recipients of your campaign and personalize your message. Then use an attractive and responsive design. Mailchimp, for example, offers the creation of awesome HTML templates.

The two tricks that will make your campaign a success are:

– Retargeting on social networks to create the need

– Embed an animated presentation to your email. Research shows that emails with video included allow 278% more ROI than simple text emails.

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