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8 Tips For Your Marketing Strategy

Tips for marketing strategy


While it is true that video marketing is extremely unique, and you must have a very good strategy to reach consumers effectively, advertisers sometimes feel paralyzed when making and creating useful videos.

Creating good video-content is not easy, however, there are certain points you should consider when focusing your strategy to attract your customers and increase your sales.

  1. Everything is based on experience.

Imagine that you have come across something you have never heard of. Let’s say, for example, a water bear.

Although we have descriptive sources that explain our issue, it will always take more time than a simple video.

The video gives us and gives the feeling as if we were there in the first person (even if it is a virtual experience).

  1. People like to laugh.

And who does not? Humor is important, but do not overdo it. Small unexpected moments that change the monotony of a video makes it a dynamic and captivating experience for the consumer.

  1. Problem-solving is paramount.

People buy products and services because they want to satisfy a need and even solve a problem.

The pieces of marketing that make a difference are those that offer a solution to a problem” – according to Scott Alexander, digital marketing director at Oakley.

  1. Emotion trumps logic.

The world seeks to find emotions and personal connections with brands through their dexterity and reflective marketing.

Not all videos have to lead directly to sales, but they must directly influence the mind of the consumer.

  1. Appearance matters.

The content must be relevant, timely, practical and well done. First impressions are everything. If you do not captivate the consumer first with your video, there will be millions out there trying to attract it with other marketing strategies and content.

  1. Competition is everywhere.

There are hundreds of hours uploaded on YouTube every minute. Will people want to watch your video? Do not focus on improving your videos but give them a touch of differentiation from all the others, which breaks with the marketing strategies used today. You must create new trends.

  1. The random content is over.

All the content that you can create has to be related to your brand and your marketing strategy. According to this way, you will create a unique meaning for your company.

Recycling and reusing content from other campaigns previously launched can generate great opportunities for your business.

  1. The short content in video format has a lot of power.

Short contents are easier to get viral and generate great trends in social networks.

You must create a strategy that is directed to a specific and relevant target in each member of your audience.

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How an Explainer Video Can Boost Your Start-Up

As a start-up, no matter how amazing the product or service you offer is, it takes time to get noticed. A good explainer video could be the right way to reach out to your target audience and stand out among the competitors.


5 Reasons Why To Consider an Explainer Video:

  1. A video is probably the most versatile type of advertising tool you can us; it can be embedded in a website, app, social media accounts, and it can be even sent via email, allowing you to spread the same message through various platforms at the same time. One (investment) fits all!
  2. Images are worth a thousand words: choose the type of video (animated, 3D, live-action) that suits your business better and let it showcase your business in a creative and engaging way; even complicated ideas or products can look easy with the help of animation or 3D design.

  3. People are more and more likely to spend their time online watching videos. According to Zenith’s Online Video Forecasts report, by 2020 we will spend an average of 84 minutes per day watching videos online. Why? Because it is the best attention-grabbing tool. Therefore, an appealing, short but effective video is a must-have for your website nowadays.

  4.  It can be the starting point of your branding strategy: even though that’s not the first concern of a “startupper”, if your business grows (as we wish it does), you will need one. And the design, style, and message of your video are your first business card.

  5. Due to its versatility, it helps your SEO: people are more likely to share or comment a video rather than an article or any other kind of content. Google knows it, and knows how to reward you for that.


A high-quality, tailor-made video is a big investment for a start-up, and there is no doubt about that. Having a look at the facts and figures of online behaviour, though, it seems to be worth it. What are you waiting for?


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The Key to a Successful SEO Campaign

The key to a successful search engine optimization SEO campaign is to create a unique language that captures the attention of consumers and becomes synonymous with your brand name. Possessing brand language means that whenever potential customers are typing your keywords and phrases into a search engine, your site – along with other sites and media that support your website and offers – is the first result they see.

  • Begin by identifying keywords and phrases that are highly relevant to your product or service. There are sites such as Network Solutions or Google AdWords to help you reduce your verbiage.
  • In the early stages of your SEO campaign, your brand language should have no more than two or three keywords or phrases. Similarly, it is important to make sure that your brand language is only yours so that you can ‘own it’. As an example, an environmentally friendly car washing company may never be able to possess the words “car wash” due to the number of car washes in the world but it may be able to to have the phrase “ecological car wash”.
  • Once you have selected your keywords and phrases, incorporate your brand language into your slogan, description of the company, etc … With your individual keywords and phrases, this content will serve as the primary media that you will use for your SEO campaign.
  • After completing the content of your brand language, it’s time to distribute your keywords and phrases to specific Internet channels. This tactic will increase the number of links driving traffic to your site and significantly increase the construction of your site’s visibility on the search engines.

Here are four ways to use your brand language to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your search engine optimization efforts.

1. Optimize your website

Search engine optimization involves placing your brand language in specific areas on your site. To begin with, you will need a Web site header title not exceeding 70 to 80 characters and a site description not exceeding 200 characters. The title and description must include all the languages of your brand. Also, make sure that each of your keywords and phrases is included in the meta tags and body text of your site, but be careful not to overuse them. Only use each keyword once in your title, description and META tags; Twice in the text of the main body of the site is sufficient.

2. Distribute optimized press releases

The distribution and posting of monthly online press releases will create a large number of backlinks to your site, which steadily increases your visibility and ranking of the site. When composing your press releases, include your keywords and phrases once or – at most – twice in the body text of the version. In some cases, press release distribution services, such as PR Web, will allow you to create hyperlinks using their proprietary software. Once your release is complete, use email services such as PR Web and Business Wire to distribute your release to hundreds of sites and journalists. There are also a plethora of free display sites that you can use to increase exposure.

3. Create social media channels

Complete your social media profiles with your company’s slogan, the URL of your website and your website. Label all image, video, and multimedia files you upload to these sites with your keywords and phrases. Include elements of your brand language in status updates and messages, and use free services such as Ping.fm to syndicate your content.

4. Comment on blogs and forums

Commenting and blogging about the relevant industry threads, websites and forums is another way to create valuable links back to your site. Make a list of the best blogs and online sites in your industry. In some cases, you may be able to offer your services as a guest blogger, which will allow you to include your company’s credentials and brand language in guest posts. For all other sites on your list, make comments and regularly reply to messages made by content providers of the site with relevant tips that incorporate your brand language and the URL of your website. Avoid self-promotion or spam. Each time you register a user account, use one of your keywords or phrases as the username and include the URL of your website. In many cases, user names become hyperlinks when your comments are brought online.

Also, allow users to easily share content by integrating social media tools such as ShareThis and Tweetmeme into your arsenal or social-bookmarking, such as Digg and Delicious Discover our next article the video marketing!

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Motion Design Video for an Efficient Digital Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is part of what is known as content marketing. It consists in the creation and publication of quality content targeted to a particular audience, in the form of video, usually of a rather short duration.

The importance of video within the marketing mix?

If video content appears costly at first, it is still an excellent choice for your marketing campaign. In 2017, the video will represent 75% of Internet traffic and 65% of mobile data. According to an eMarketer study, 52% of marketers consider video content to be the best return on investment in a campaign. Nevertheless, in order to optimize its returns, it is necessary to define beforehand your objectives and your target. The same goes for a B2B market where video also makes sense.

What video for a growing business?

Start-ups, for example, often face expansion problems due to lack of effective communication. It is often difficult to explain to stakeholders the activity, innovative nature or competitive advantage of a Start-up.

To do this, make the choice of a short video (1 to 2 minutes), comprehensible by all and which can be shared a maximum. The choice of the format will prove crucial according to your means. In the case of a start-up, motion design, less expensive, is increasingly preferred to the classic video. Plus, you get your message moving with animations that help you get more attention from your audience. The video is easily shared across the various social networks, whose audience potential is colossal.

How to evaluate the performance of your video?

You will understand that investing in video is now essential to guarantee the quality and efficiency of your digital communication. You will be able to measure your performance with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that you have previously identified and categorized according to your objectives. The conversion rate, for example, is one of the most common indicators to any business present on the web. It should be noted that the average conversion rate of a website without video is 2.9%, compared with 4.8% for a site using video (Source: Aberdeen Group).

Finally, Google Analytics, Youtube Analytics and Facebook Analytics are tools that can provide you with relevant data on user behavior, allowing you to adjust marketing strategy according to your performance.