Reasons why Your Fashion Business Needs an Explainer Video

Successfully launching a fashion brand and building its value based on your investment is a complex challenge. Fashion marketing campaigns tend to be contemporary, sometimes controversial but always visually powerful. If you are looking for cost-effective visual marketing tool to help you grow your fashion brand, it is time to consider an explainer video! Here are the reasons why:  
  • Develop strong brand identity

An explainer video tells your story in a very visual and catchy way, sometimes without any words. Hence, the style you choose will reflect brand identity and influence how your target audience perceives the essence of your business. For example, by making wise use of your brand colours in explainer video, your potential customers will be able to associate them with your business and easier recall it afterwards. At Propulse Video, our team can help you develop a corporate video style that will leave your potential customers a memorable brand experience.


  • Educate to boost Customer Engagement

Want to teach your customers about ethical fashion or present innovative fabrics you have just created? Great! A number of studies have found that retention of information is much higher after watching videos because the information is transmitted to the brain in auditory and visual form. Besides, an explainer video keeps waning audience attention much longer than traditional written content. This makes an explainer video the perfect way to engage and connect with your audience by translating a meaningful message.


  • Build story-driven brand awareness

According to Animoto, 58% of shoppers think fashion brands with video content can be more trusted. Therefore, it is extremely important to create an emotional experience they have when watching your video. Strategic storytelling transmitted through explainer video is the magic you need to increase brand awareness and improve sales conversations!

What are the advantages of a video on your landing page?

Landing page video advantages


Your landing page is your shop’s entrance. It has to hook the customer and convince him that it is here where all his needs will be satisfied. That this is the place he has been looking for. And the best way to succeed is by a creative video. Here are three reasons why:

       1. A video is faster and easier to grasp :

The point of your website is to hook your prospects, help them understand your business activity and eventually persuade them to engage in business with you. The best way to do it is through a video where you display the company’s culture, values, and vision. A video helps your potential customers understand all that you wish to transmit in a very short time. It is efficient to reach results.

      2. Increases the length of the prospects staying on your website:

Unlike reading which most people are unable to keep up with, a video not only attracts traffic but more enlarges their staying length on your websites. Since it is entertaining and interesting to watch, clients will be staying on your website for the whole video and more often they will be surfing for some time on your website.

      3. Trust arises:

Because it is hard to establish trust between you and your prospects due to distance, words and pictures are the most used marketing format to do so. But how about putting emotions into those words and pictures?

A video where you display your business, team, activity, and values to your customers through motions, music, and colors will establish a relationship based on trust with your prospects.

How to make your Youtube video rank higher through SEO

Now that you have a great explainer video about your services or your business, you can’t wait for people to see it and for it to start increasing your sales. You’ve uploaded it to youtube, but why does it not appear first in the search results?
With 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, it’s very difficult for a video to stand out.
But there are a few tricks that you can apply to your video to make it rank higher on the search page and therefore get more views.
If you would like to know how then let me tell you…

Front-load your keyword:
Use your keyword at the beginning of the title of your video. This will help youtube understand better what your video is about, putting it in the direction of the viewers that are searching your topic.

Engagement signals:
Videos that have a call to action to comment or like the video tend to rank higher. This is because receiving comments on your video tells the Youtube algorithm that your video is popular, placing the video in a higher ranking when searched. So if you give your viewers a specific reason to comment at the end of the video, this might help your video get to the top!

Video tags:
Even though video tags are not as important, they still have an effect on the ranking of your video. Video tags are designed to help Youtube understand the context of your video. So use tags that describe what your video is about. But don’t use too many! You will confuse Youtube. Use a small amount of highly specific tags. The first tag is always the most important, so I recommend to put your keyword as the first tag!
If you use the same tags popular videos on your topic use, this will give you more chances of appearing on the sidebar as recommended, which is a great way of creating organic clicks on your video.

Video description:
Its been found that videos with long descriptions tend to rank higher on Youtube.
This is also because the description will help Youtube understand your content.
So when it comes to writing your description, outline the content of your video clearly without giving too much away.

If you apply these simple few tricks to your Youtube video, be ready for the views to increase and your video to succeed.

Why is Video Marketing effective? 6 reasons why your business should turn to Video Marketing

In 2018, marketing is changing, and fast. New strategies and types of marketing are arising, increasing competition, but also increases the opportunities for businesses to stand out. That’s why today we will be talking about some of the reasons why video marketing is so effective;

Customers spend their time watching videos
People are now watching videos more than ever. Statistics have shown that 92% of all B2B potential customers are watching online videos on a regular basis.
That’s why businesses are now using video marketing as a strategy to improve consumer engagement. By adding videos to their emails they are increasing click-through-rates and by adding the video to their landing page, increasing conversions.

Videos are easy to find and share
Consumers who are looking for your services will search through the listings on Google. Did you know that 70% of the top 100 search listings on Google are video results? And by sharing this video across different social media platforms it increases the traffic to your website.

Videos are persuasive
Like we’ve mentioned on our previous blog about the psychology behind explainer videos, videos give the opportunity to use sight and sound to connect with the target audience emotionally through storytelling. Evoking emotions and therefore becoming memorable.

Videos are measurable
One of the best things about sharing a video on social media platforms is that it allows you to keep track of the number of views and shares. This will help in the future campaigns to know what works for your audience and what doesn’t.

Videos are cost-effective over time
Videos stay on Google results forever, unlike tv adverts which come and go within a few seconds reducing your overall per-unit spending over time.

Videos are able to convey a lot of information in a small amount of time
Videos can help companies concise their message in a short amount of time as compared to conveying the information through text. A lot of information can be condensed into a one minute video by using not only audio but visuals to represent the information.

All of the points above are really valuable reasons to why video marketing is effective, so why not switch your marketing strategy now?

Can Animated explainer videos be used in education?

Animated explainer videos are known for helping engage people, so why not use it to engage students? 

Animated explainer videos are not only effective to explain the concept of a business, or are not only used to increase a company’s performance. They can also be effective in education for learning purposes.

Education is about transmitting new information to young people and making it stick in their mind. In traditional education, they do this by relying on oral teaching methods, but studies have shown that this method only appeals to 10% of students. 65% of students actually prefer learning visually. Which means schools and universities are really missing a great opportunity of improving their teaching methods to increase students performance.

Through animated explainer videos that combine storytelling, music and visuals, you are evoking emotion on the viewers, and therefore creating a memorable impression, which is education’s main purpose. To be remembered. As well as motivating students to real-world actions.

Regardless of those reasons to why animated explainer videos can be successful in the classroom, it’s also about the way our culture is heading. We are notably changing the way we look for new information, and videos are now the preferred method to research and learn.

Especially with millennials, that now go to youtube instead of Wikipedia to learn and research about things.

Culture is moving fast, and we have to keep up with it one way or another, and if this means changing the way we learn things at school for the better, then why not implement explainer videos to our education systems?

Types of explainer videos, and how to choose the right one for your business

If you are struggling to find the right type of Explainer Video for your business then you are in the right place.

Explainer videos can vary from a large range of styles, and choosing one that is suited well for your business can be difficult if you don’t really have an understanding of the different types.

There are some factors such as your sector, message and target audience that will determine what kind of explainer video will fit your business best.

So let us teach you a little more about each different style so when it comes to deciding what type of explainer video you want, you can decide with confidence.


Screencast videos:

These videos are great for educational purposes. They mainly consist of screenshots of how a certain software or page navigates. Many companies use these kinds of videos as part of their employee training.These are usually the most economical option when choosing an explainer video.


2D animated character videos:

These are the most popular type of explainer video. They are based in storytelling which is a great way to evoke emotions in the viewers, and therefore making the video memorable. The way to storytelling is by showing the problem, and then the solution your service provides. It’s a great way of showing what your brand is about by humanising it with the characters.


2D motion graphics videos:

These type of videos are characterised by being straightforward. They are ideal for complex businesses or a service that is hard to explain. They are used mainly to visually explain a process, whilst still being contemporary and fun.


Whiteboard animation videos:

These are the most versatile type of explainer videos, as they fit any target audience. They are engaging and perfect for explaining complex concepts and process.  The only issue with these type of videos is that the aesthetics of them don’t always fit a corporate and more serious business.


3D animation videos:

These videos are mostly used for commercial purposes. They allow you to go wherever you want with the video and are definitely the most eye-catching of all, but they have a catch! They are the most expensive, as they require a lot of more time and skill to produce.


Live action:

In these kinds of videos, everything is recorded using a camera and real life. It’s a great way of creating real live examples to create true trust in the viewers.

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Using explainer videos as your sales pitch – The end of powerpoint presentations?

Could explainer videos be the killer of powerpoint presentations?

The sales world has always relied on powerpoint slides and documents to win over new business. But in 2018 using powerpoint presentations as a sale pitch is a thing of the past. There’s a new trend to help close deals: presentation videos as well knows as Explainer videos.

Sure, text-based documents can be effective to your sales pitch, but let’s be honest, long PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, or white paper full of text can be hard to digest fully.

But when pitching your business through a video presentation, it allows you to combine speech and visuals, and compact a lot of useful information in a very short amount of time, which can be easily shared with a global audience and make you stand out from your competitors.

The best part about using an explainer video as your sales pitch is that you will generate value to your business before the very first pitch meeting with your clients if you even have to set one up that is! Because after your explainer video, you might not even need one!

Sales pitch explainer videos can range from different lengths and styles, but they all have one aim —sell the product.

A good sales pitch video needs to:

  1. Target the audience
  2. Create value for your business
  3. Be short and simple
  4. End with a compelling  call to action

So next time you need to pitch your business why don’t you try doing it through a video presentation and see how it helps your business increase sales?

How to Post Projects to Portfolio


Video explicative de l’importance d’une Landing page.

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Promotional videos are now part of the marketing strategy of many companies. And that’s normal!

YouTube counts not less than 4 billion views a day! It is also the 2nd most used search engine after Google. According to a study, 78% of respondents watch at least one video per week on YouTube and 55% watch at least one a day.

Additionally, promotional videos available on YouTube also appear on different search engines, giving you the opportunity to broaden your audience. 92% of B2B customers watch videos online.
In addition, 34% of customers tend to buy a product after watching a promotional video and 48% say they trust the promotional videos of online businesses. Promotional video experts help you be more competitive.

Promotional videos have been incorporated into various companies’ websites to increase visitor engagement. They are also added to emails, increasing their chances of being opened by at least 5.6%. In addition, these corporate videos greatly increase the click-through rate by 96%. And when a video is added to the home page of a site, the conversion rate (customer who buys a product or service) is 80%! The number of executives using videos increased by 81% over the previous figures. This is a huge jump compared to 70% in previous years. More than half of managers (52%) also tend to watch explanatory videos, and 75% of them are corporate promotional videos.

Video professionals create mobile-optimized content

The latest update to Google’s algorithm gives priority to mobile-optimized content and for good reason: more than 60% of users surf the Internet on their mobile or tablet. At least 70% of the content that appears on the first page of a search engine like Google is video content. A video does not just increase traffic to your site, it’s also a gateway to your site!
Other figures:

– About 50% of all non-computer internet traffic is generated by mobile phones
– Approximately 85% of respondents plan to increase their budget for video content.
– Note that short videos (1 to 2 minutes) also tend to generate a better engagement: 88.3% of them are watched until the end.

Promotional video experts create easy-to-share content. You can easily share your video content on social networks. More and more YouTube videos are being watched on Facebook. On Twitter, at least 700 YouTube videos are tweeted every day. The ease of integration and sharing of corporate videos make them very efficient and effective. So, what are you waiting for?