How To Win a Sale in the First Eight Seconds of Your Video

Social networks have marked a before and an after in advertising. The user no longer must be informed, but has to be moved while the brand goes unnoticed.

When it comes to broadcasting, video and 2.0 platforms combine perfectly. Brands, aware of this conjunction, bet more and more on social video marketing as a promotional strategy that is aimed at a multi-screen audience. “More than half of the mobile data traffic volume are videos,” says Desigual Brand Digital Manager, Pere Quintana.


  • Audiovisual content should entertain, attract and remain in the mind of the consumer.
  • The increase of consumers’ videos in audiovisual platforms has increased the investment of companies.
  • Social networks are displacing television in terms of channel chosen by brands for their marketing strategies.
  • There is an optimization of costs in terms of carrying out this strategy through social networks.
  • The impact and customer loyalty, with less advertising investment, increase considerably using this type of platform.
  • Soon “we will move from an exposure level to an interaction level” – according to David Lahoz, director of the marketing agency Isobar (Barcelona).
  • An element that, to achieve viral, must “entertain and connect with the user’s emotions; that cries, laughs, gets excited … “, advised Anselmo Segarra, operations director of Be On.


The point of balance between the success and failure of a video that is launched with the intention of being viral states in the first 8 seconds, which are the most crucial for the viewer. If he manages to get hooked in these first few seconds, he will most likely stay until the end of the video.

However, we should not belittle the importance of the next sequences of this estimate, that is, the next seconds must retain the audience with music, creativity and unconventional, spontaneous and unexpected images.


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