What are the advantages of a video on your landing page?

Landing page video advantages


Your landing page is your shop’s entrance. It has to hook the customer and convince him that it is here where all his needs will be satisfied. That this is the place he has been looking for. And the best way to succeed is by a creative video. Here are three reasons why:

       1. A video is faster and easier to grasp :

The point of your website is to hook your prospects, help them understand your business activity and eventually persuade them to engage in business with you. The best way to do it is through a video where you display the company’s culture, values, and vision. A video helps your potential customers understand all that you wish to transmit in a very short time. It is efficient to reach results.

      2. Increases the length of the prospects staying on your website:

Unlike reading which most people are unable to keep up with, a video not only attracts traffic but more enlarges their staying length on your websites. Since it is entertaining and interesting to watch, clients will be staying on your website for the whole video and more often they will be surfing for some time on your website.

      3. Trust arises:

Because it is hard to establish trust between you and your prospects due to distance, words and pictures are the most used marketing format to do so. But how about putting emotions into those words and pictures?

A video where you display your business, team, activity, and values to your customers through motions, music, and colors will establish a relationship based on trust with your prospects.

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